Quality Control

Quality Control

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Quality management, which we define as "a simple goal", starts with the employee concept: being proactive, taking responsibility alone, and pursuing a common goal. In fauja, Texas, the goal is described as very simple. Zero defects. This goal determines the entire production process. To achieve such a goal, only large-scale automation production, supplemented by stable monitoring and rigorous testing. This is also true of prototypes and the first batch of samples.
Quality system certification
Product quality is the lifeblood of the enterprise. We passed the ISO TS 16949:2009 certification for the automotive industry as early as 2004. At present, the company has established strict, rigorous and strict quality control system to ensure the quality requirements of products in each flow process.
Stock detection
▶Production monitoring and process control 
▶Shipment inspection
▶Measuring tool monitoring
▶FMEA(failure mode and effect analysis)
▶Error management
▶Complaint handling (internal/external)
▶Data storage and data backup
Quality guidelines
·Commitment to quality.
·We believe that quality is the strategic element of successful business.
·To satisfy our customers is our unremitting efforts to pursue the goal.
·Meeting the needs of our customers is the responsibility of every employee.
·We always compare ourselves to the best companies and strive to be the leader.
·We advocate enhancing quality awareness and treating it as our administrative task.
·We constantly improve our staff skills.
·We do not accept any defects and try to avoid product defects.
·We believe that continuous improvement of products is the basic embodiment of quality consciousness.
·We use a comprehensive quality management system.
· we require suppliers to meet our quality requirements.

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