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The confusing concepts in the car can be wrong! The original five problems are the cause of the exhaust pipe blockage!

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2018/07/12 18:03
There are thousands of parts on the car, and it is inevitable that some parts we can't tell, and even some concepts are easily confused. It is easy to cause unnecessary troubles when using a car or repairing a car. For this reason, I have compiled some confusing names and hope to help everyone.
Knock, deflagration and spontaneous combustion
Knocking and detonation are a concept. After the spark plug is ignited, the remaining mixture is ignited and ignited before the flame has arrived. This combustion is detonation, that is, knocking. Spontaneous combustion is obviously a phenomenon in which the fuel burns on its own without being ignited. So, to put it simply, spontaneous combustion caused a deflagration.
Knocking: It is the most important type of abnormal combustion of a gasoline engine, and it occurs when the compression ratio is high. When it appears, the engine produces a high-frequency metal knocking sound, so it is also called knocking. When the knock is slight, the engine power rises slightly. When the power is severe, the power and speed drop, the work is unstable, the engine shakes seriously, and the engine is overheated and black smoke is emitted.
Deflagration: For some reason, such as carbon deposits or fuel grades are too low, before the flame has arrived, more points in the cylinder will catch fire at the same time, local pressure and temperature will increase sharply, and the pressure wave will oscillate in the cylinder.
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