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The original five problems are the cause of the exhaust pipe blockage!

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2018/07/12 18:03
We seem to care less about the exhaust of cars, but the exhaust pipe has a very important role, it can play a role in reducing noise (except tractors), because the current exhaust pipe is equipped with a three-way catalytic converter, you can Purify exhaust gas to protect the environment. Generally composed of exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe, three-way catalytic converter, exhaust temperature sensor, automobile muffler and exhaust tail pipe.
Hazard of exhaust pipe blockage:
If the automobile exhaust pipe is blocked, it will be turned off after starting. If it is forced to refuel after a strong start, it will cause carbon deposits on the piston inside the cylinder. If the engine is tried for a long time, the engine cylinder head and the crankshaft will be broken. If it is on fire, it will have an effect on the engine. If the engine overheats, the mixture will be shot due to excessive mixture and the three-way catalytic converter will be damaged. If you fire too long, it will also affect the spark plug.
Reasons for obstruction of the exhaust pipe:
There was an exhaust pipe in the earlier car, but the phenomenon of blockage of the exhaust pipe rarely occurred. However, the current car exhaust clogging failures often occur, the reason is actually very simple, mainly because the previous car only has a silencer on the exhaust pipe, and now, in order to control emissions, reduce atmospheric pollution, the car Three-way catalytic converters for controlling exhaust emissions have also been installed, and it is precisely because of the installation of the three-way catalytic converter that the probability of clogging of the automobile engine is greatly increased. Due to the use of fuel or lubricating oil, catalyst poisoning, activity decrease, catalytic conversion efficiency is affected, sulfur, phosphorus polymer and deposits are generated in the three-way catalyst, which deteriorates the performance of the vehicle, resulting in degraded power performance and fuel consumption. Increase, emission deterioration, etc.
Determine the exhaust blockage fault by symptom:
If the car exhaust pipe is blocked during driving, some faults will occur. If you find these phenomena during normal driving, you should consider whether the exhaust pipe is blocked.
1, the car accelerates weakness
If you drive out on a long distance, if the engine idling is unstable on the way, you can't feel the car. If you eliminate the engine failure, you should consider whether the exhaust pipe is blocked, because the exhaust gas is not smooth, the intake air volume is reduced, and the engine power is reduced.
2, automatic transmission frequent forced downshift
The blockage of the exhaust pipe will inevitably reduce the engine power. At this time, in order to speed up, the driver must step on the throttle to make the throttle valve open. Therefore, the computer will control the automatic transmission to force the downshift according to the opening state of the throttle.
3. There is slight tempering when the engine is suddenly refueling.
When the engine exhaust is not smooth, some of the exhaust gas stays in the cylinder, making the mixed steam thinner and the burning speed slower. When the intake valve is opened, the mixed steam is still burning, and therefore, the mixed mixed steam is slammed into the intake pipe through the opened intake valve, thereby generating tempering.
4. When the engine is suddenly accelerating or the throttle is suddenly closed, the sound of the exhaust pipe will be heard. This is generally a damaged ternary that causes the exhaust pipe to clog.
5, the engine is both injected and ignited, but the engine is not activated, which is often the symptom of complete clogging of the exhaust.
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